Strengthening Exercises for Ankle Sprains at Absolute Physical Therapy & Fitness in Houston, TX

Ankle sprain is a very common condition, occurring in daily life or during a practice of any sports. It must not be overlooked, because of possible recurrence, potentially painful consequences, and risks of instability. The most common injury affects the external ligament when

Treating Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)at Absolute Physical Therapy & Fitness in Sugar Land, TX

Lateral epicondylitis is a musculoskeletal disorder which refers to the inflammation of the elbow tendons (these attach the muscles of the forearm just above the elbow at a small bony bump on the outer face) referred to as epicondyle. This pain that starts from the point

Absolute Physical Therapy & Fitness in Sugar Land, TX Helps Patients Manage Parkinson’s Disease

At Absolute Physical Therapy & Fitness, we understand how chronic conditions can make daily activities difficult. Parkinson’s Disease is a condition that affects millions of people. People with Parkinson’s are more prone to falls and have difficulties performing tasks. Our staff at