Dear Patient,

Welcome to our clinic! We feel you are in the hands of the Absolute best physical therapists in Houston, and we have the following testimonials from past patients to prove it! We love to share these with everyone, especially our new patients because we feel it helps to assure and motivate them as they take that important first step on the road to the full recovery of their function.

“This is an awesome recovery zone! I really appreciate George’s warm, thoughtful, and kind words, because that helped the healing process to start.”
– C.B.

“The best thing that I liked about Absolute Therapy is that the people made you feel like an individual , a real person, and not “just” another patient.”
– J.W.

“I came expecting nothing, since I have been to 5 other therapists with no results, in fact some did more damage to this area than good…After 2 weeks of therapy, the lumps and pain were gone and I am able to use my arm more than I ever hoped for. I highly recommend this clinic, Dr. ANU, and her methods.”
– A.R.

“I recommend him without reservation!”
– A.M., Reverend

“Dr. Anu, you are indeed my favorite therapist! You ministered to my mental and emotional needs as well as my physical well-being. You and your staff are kind and friendly. What a wonderful atmosphere!”
– H.H.

“After seeing a previous therapist and not getting any results, I was referred to Andre by my doctor and noticed results very fast…I am happy to say that I am not only totally pain-free but have regained most of my strength back, and all feeling back in both my fingers! Thank you to Kim & staff at Absolute!”
– S.E.

“This bunch is great. I’ve never met nicer people. Thanks for everything!”
– L.M.

“George is truly a professional. Most medical facilities these days, their first priority is the almighty dollar. George’s first priority is to see their patients progress to a healthy, normal, pain free life.”
– S.E.

“My mom improved by leaps and bounds! Kim showed a sincere concern for my mom’s rehabilitation…He was an absolute joy to be around…Clinics like this are few and far between.”
– G.R.

“I had been seen by 3 orthopedic surgeons, had 3 sets of x-rays, 2 MRI’s, as well as arthroscopic surgery…(but) my condition worsened…finally, the third surgeon suggested physical therapy as a last resort before moving on with major surgery. How fortunate I was to find Absolute Therapy and Dr. Anu! His patience and understanding is phenomenal!”
– C.C., Ph.D.

“The end results were remarkable because of the care and kindness of the staff. I would recommend anyone to Absolute Therapy. They are great!”
– E.R.

“I had my doubts. I had tried other methods of treatment and all failed. After a couple visits I was feeling better..I do my exercises daily and have Dr. Huu to thank…I would recommend him to anybody. He is a very kind, dedicated person and really cares about his patients.”
– Y.H.

“Dr. Huu was my last hope when none of the pain medications provided me with any relief…I happily reported this success to my doctor recently and hope that he will recommend Andre to other patients. I know I will certainly recommend him to all my friends.”
– L.S.

“My time spent with them lifted my spirits and gave me the inner strength as well as the physical strength to face the challenges ahead of me. Bring ’em on, I’m ready!”
– T.F.

“Because I have Fibromyalgia I am in constant pain…In 2 weeks time, Dr. Huu had me feeling like a million dollars! I was walking on the treadmill and riding the bike. My range of motion had improved drastically in such a short period of time. I was amazed. What an experience!”
– P.Z.

“He went beyond the call of duty in the treatment of my friend. Dr. Huu certainly displayed a most professional attitude and exemplary treatment. I would highly recommend him as a wonderful human who is contributing greatly to this area.”
– W. W.

“I talk to everyone about you guys including all my doctors, whom have already heard about your fine work. You come very highly recommended among the medical community. I concur with that. Do keep up the good work!”
– C.L.

There are many more success stories like these on file in our office!

What will your Success Story be like?!!!!

We would like to invite you to submit your own story as you finish up your therapy program. We are confident you will be extremely satisfied with your results!

Yours truly,
Robin George and Absolute Team