Therapeutic Effects of Laser Therapy

Laser is by definition an electromagnetic radiation (like sunlight) whose main feature is to transport a high amount of energy on a small area. This energy is focused on the tissues to treat or to cause a photochemical reaction within the cells

Neck & Back Pain

Lower back pain is very common among elderly people. Most of them who suffer from back pain come to Absolute Physical Therapy and Fitness in Houston TX to do four weeks of physical therapy. Absolute Physical Therapy and Fitness in Houston, TX

Dealing with Work Related Injuries

Several studies point to the health risks of the computer era. According to recent studies, more than 50 percent of people who work at computer suffer neck and upper back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and shoulder pain. The most common work related

Frozen Shoulders

The term frozen shoulder is one that is familiar to many people. It is known also as adhesive capsulitis. It is a common painful condition that affects the ability to move the shoulder. The exact cause of this condition is not known,