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Frozen Shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is a very painful condition in which the shoulder is completely or partially unmovable. Frozen Shoulder often appears for no apparent reason but can stem from a mild injury to the shoulder. Stiffness and pain can be severe at times, and result in common symptoms such as:

  • Night pain (aches) that will wake you , especially when lying on the affected side.
  • Severe, sharp, and catching pain in the front of the shoulder, lasting up to 40 seconds.
  • Pain reaching in back pocket, putting on a coat, brushing the hair, inability to clasp up bra, and driving.
  • Pain down the shoulder into the arm.
  • Shouder is completely stiff and locked. You cannot lift the shoulder and others cannot lift it for you either.


Typical frozen shoulder develops slowly, and in three stages:

  • Stage One: Pain increases with movement and is often worse at night. There is a progressive loss of motion with increasing pain. This stage lasts approximately 2 to 9 months.
  • Stage Two: Pain begins to diminish, however, the range of motion is now much more limited, as much as 50 percent less than in the other arm. This stage may last 4 to 12 months.
  • Stage Three: The condition may begin to resolve. Most patients experience a gradual restoration of motion over the next 12 to 42 months


The Niel-Asher Technique® works differently than traditional treatment. It is revolutionary, safe, drug free, and proven to work. The arm is kept still whilst we apply a sequence of pressure points to specific tissues. This treatment can be painful, especially in stage one, but it is no worse than the pain of the frozen shoulder. The first few sessions of treatment address the inflammation in the rotator interval, after this the emphasis is on improving the range of motion.


Depending how long you have had the problem and which phase you are in, results can be seen in as few as 4 to 13 sessions. Some cases take longer than others to get better, especially if there are other underlying conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, fracture, surgery, rotator cuff muscle damage.


For the majority of patients, the improvements are rapid and dramatic.  The method is ‘totally natural’. It is our belief that The Niel-Asher Technique® should be the first line of treatment before injections and or surgery.


For more information or to get started with your treatment call 281-589-8877 to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled physical therapists.